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Reporting system

Procedure in the event of violations  

It is the obligation of every Croma employee to report violations of the Code of Conduct or other misconduct in order to ensure compliant behaviour and protect Croma from risks and damage. This also applies in particular if employees are not directly affected by the violation. In many cases, damage can be averted or the extent of damage reduced by reporting an offence in good time. Every anonymous report should contain as many details and facts about the possible incident as possible. Reporting an offence will in no case have any consequences or disadvantages for the reporting employee. However, if it can be proven that unfounded allegations are made for personal reasons, Croma reserves the right to take disciplinary action against the reporting employee.

After receiving a report, the Compliance Officer will check it for plausibility and consistency. If the requirements for this are met, an internal investigation of the incident will be initiated and, if necessary, the state authorities will be informed. If possible with regard to confidentiality and data protection, the reporting party will be informed of the outcome of the investigation once it has been completed. 

Alternatively or additionally, a report of suspected criminal behaviour can be submitted directly to the whistleblower system of the Austrian Public Prosecutor's Office for Economic Affairs and Corruption ( 

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