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Eye Care

The skin in the eye area is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the facial skin. As such, it's crucial to prioritize good eye care that utilizes mild yet highly nourishing ingredients to prevent any potential damage or irritation. 

Prominent under-eye bags, dark circles, and puffy eyes can have many causes, but one thing is clear: they make the entire face appear tired. A fresh eye area accentuates the complexion and gives a rested appearance. 

How do puffy eyes occur? Generally, this is a buildup of fluid that accumulates around the eyes and causes the tissue to swell. Alcohol consumption and a diet high in salt are the main causes of lymph fluid accumulation. Like blood, lymph flows through a network throughout the body, collecting and transporting nutrients as well as waste and pathogens. 

The eye area requires care not only because of fluid buildup but also because of the very thin skin in this area.

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farewell puffy eyes

This serum is suitable for the delicate area under the eyes to…

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energizing eye mask

energizing eye mask with hyaluronic acid, kiwi & cucumber extract

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