CromaPharma 123 v2

Code of Conduct

Behaving with integrity is everyone's business 

Ethical corporate governance is the basis of Croma's business activities. Regardless of where and what business is conducted. Integrity in business policy not only has a positive effect on employee or customer loyalty and image. It also makes a significant contribution to reducing potential risks and thus improves costs and the balance sheet. A common catalogue of values provides all stakeholders with a framework for action and orientation for successful long-term cooperation. 

Code of Conduct for Employees

With this Code of Conduct, we are strengthening our corporate culture with an additional guideline for action and making a clear commitment to upholding the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

Download: Code of Conduct for Employees

Code of Conduct for Business Partners

The Code of Conduct for Business Partners promotes compliance with the highest ethical standards when working with external stakeholders. At the same time, it contributes to the achievement of our corporate goals. The minimum requirements and expectations contained therein are to be understood as guidelines to which our business partners should adhere. 

Download: Code of Conduct for Business Partners

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