elure facial wash

Elure Advanced Facial Wash

A rich and creamy cleansing foam that effectively removes excess oil, impurities and dead skin cells, preparing the skin for the application of either elure™ brightening lotion or night cream. 

When used regularly, the skin gets a more even complexion. 

Content: 100 ml 

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Elure™ – advanced skin brightening solution

Gentle yet effective skincare

A beautiful, radiant, even skin tone is an important part of feeling confident about the way we look and feel.

elure™ advanced skin brightening solution is a unique, clinically demonstrated cosmetic line with a powerful, active formula that creates an effective solution to gently yet quickly diminish the appearance of dark spots in a clinically proven, safe manner.

Unique mode of action

elure™’s advanced skin brightening technology is based on a unique scientific discovery of a naturally occurring substance, Melanozyme™, which acts to break down melanin in a clinically proven, fast and gentle manner. It diminishes the appearance of stubborn discoloration while correcting uneven skin tone to reveal a brighter, more glowing complexion.

The unique feature of Melanozyme™ is its capacity to disintegrate the melanin molecule after it was entirely composed and already delivered to the upper layer of the skin. This enzyme is generated in nature by a tree fungus and functions in keeping our environment cleaner of dark brown colored materials that are left by decaying trees.

  • elure™ skin brightening solution helps to have a luminous, glowing skin tone all year long
  • suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones
  • without the use of exfoliating ingredients, this unique skincare solution can be used all year long

Clinically proven results

More than 13 clinical studies have been conducted with 450 participants worldwide to scientifically show the results of elure™

  • elure™ induced significant improvement after 7, 14 and 28 days in brightening, radiance and luminosity. This brightening effect was respectively observed in 79%, 96% and 100% of the subjects.1
  • elure™ directly reduces existing melanin in the skin without interfering in melanin biosynthesis.2
  • elure™ is an effective treatment for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation with high safety level.2
  • elure™ and 4% hydroquinone demonstrated equivalency in terms of pigmentation improvement; superior aesthetic results in skin texture, roughness, lack of clarity, lack of radiance and overall appearance.3
  • No skin irritations or allergies were reported.4, 5
Before After Elure Before After Elure

1 Dermscan Lab France, Biometrological evualuation on subjects of the whitening effect of elure products used in synergy, Thailand 2009 
2 Woodward, Julie, MD et al. Evaluation of the efficacy of treatment with commercially available elure lotion of human patients who have experienced post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), USA 2015 
3 Draelos, Zoe, MD et. al, A split-face evaluation of a novel pigment-lightening agent (elure™) compared with no treatment and 4% hydroquinone, USA 2012 
4 Yan Wu, MD et al., Reduction of facial pigmentation of melasma by topical lignin peroxidase (elure™): A novel fast-acting skinbrightening agent, Department of Dermatology, Peking University First Hospital, China 2012 
5 Ellead Co., Ltd., Efficacy & safety of elure facial whitening lotion, Korea 2013 

elure™ is a product of Rakuto Bio Technologies Ltd., exclusively distributed by Croma. 

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