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Face Masks

The mechanism of action facial masks is quite simple: By applying the mask to the skin, a secondary skin layer is formed, sealing in heat and moisture. This process promotes increased blood flow to the skin and enhances the efficiency of oxygen transport to skin cells.

Consequently, cells become more active, effectively eliminating accumulated toxins. In addition, facial masks aid in the exfoliation of dead skin cells, resulting in smoother and more radiant skin. 



Croma tightening face mask sRGB

tightening face mask

tightening face mask with an anti-aging peptide complex, niacinamide and coenzyme Q10

Croma detox face mask sRGB v2

detox face mask

detox face mask with charcoal, nutgrass and a purifying complex

Croma hyaluronic acid face mask new sRGB

hyaluronic acid face mask

rejuvenating face mask with hyaluronic acid

Croma calming face mask sRGB v2

calming face mask

calming face mask with aloe vera, green tea & rosehip

PURE HA packaging v2

pure HA

pure HA liquid skin mask with hyaluronic acid is the ideal addition…

Croma energizing eye mask sRGB

energizing eye mask

energizing eye mask with hyaluronic acid, kiwi & cucumber extract

Croma firming laugh line mask sRGB v2

firming laugh line mask

firming laugh line mask with hyaluronic acid and pomegranate extract

Croma regenerating lip mask sRGB1

regenerating lip mask

regenerating lip mask with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera & berry ferment

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