Andreas Prinz (CEO) and Peter Haidenek (CFO)
Andreas Prinz (CEO) and Peter Haidenek (CFO)


As a family-owned business, Croma-Pharma has pursued a corporate policy based on ecological, economic and social sustainability long before ESG entered the corporate realm. With this own self-image of responsible entrepreneurship, Croma can use the full potential of sustainable corporate management.

This clear commitment to sustainability is also reflected in the establishment of a dedicated Global Sustainability Department and the development of a corresponding management structure. The publication of relevant, sustainability-specific information and key figures for the financial year 2023 is planned for 2024.

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Environment - Together for a livable world

In the environmental area, we focus on switching to renewable electricity and climate neutrality. To this end, we have been using a photovoltaic system for environmentally friendly electricity generation since 2018. Furthermore, the additional electricity demand for the headquarters and the production facility is sourced exclusively from renewable energy sources, namely 100% hydropower.

The environmental measure catalogue ranges from e-charging stations and bicycles free of charge for our employees to the neutralisation of waste water with carbon dioxide instead of phosphoric acid and the optimisation of the blister process in packaging with a significant reduction in material waste.


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Social - Together for equal opportunities

As part of our social strategy, we strive to promote diversity, equality and inclusion. We have a strong focus on work-life balance and promote flexible as well as family-friendly working time models. In addition, we have developed comprehensive health and well-being programmes that focus on mental health and physical activity. Some examples are fitness classes, in-house training room, possibility of medical consultations directly at the site as well as external employee assistance programme with experienced health experts.

With 44% of management positions currently held by women, we are also concentrating our efforts on gender-diverse leadership and aiming for around 50% by 2025. Close to our hearts is our engagement for Light for the World, a social initiative with the scope to improve the eye care in the poorest regions of the world.

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Governance - Together for more fairness and transparency

As part of our governance efforts, we strive to apply our ethical standards of conduct to all areas of our value chain. For example, we have our own compliance officer who manages, promotes and monitors the issue. Accordingly we have implemented uniform management and control processes like ICS or the dual control principle.

We are committed to scientific and data-based decision-making, compliance, integrity and responsible business practices. We have also implemented policies, procedures and training to ensure that our employees and business partners comply with applicable laws, regulations and industry codes. In order to foster sustainability in the supply chain we are carrying out a detailed analysis of our supplier management and the respective due diligence process.

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